Singing Through The Night

For courage is not lack of fear, but singing out despite

And living's more than dodging death, it's singing through the night

“Stars”  reveals the secret hidden in the lake.

“Listen!”  is a children's song with a universal message.  You can join the audience here

“Wishing Well"  was written after an audition for the Perth County Folk Festival.  I didn't get the gig … but I got a new song!

Foot Forward ” is included in my new musical, “In The Rustling Flames”.

"Singing Through the Night " was awarded an Honourable Mention in the 2024 International Women's Freedom Song Contest, for "a song that celebrates women". 

"Lake of Always ” wrote itself after a concert for the Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual and Religious Care. It has been sung at weddings and other lifecycle celebrations.



Guitars, mandolin, bass, hand percussion & clarinet by Chris Coleman

Vocal coaching and piano by Marie Anderson

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Coleman

Produced by Chris Coleman