1. Wishing Well

From the recording Singing Through the Night


What’s the point of wishing when my wishes don’t get answered?Wasting all my pennies in the empty Wishing Well ...Won’t be disappointed if I don’t have expectationsWon’t regret the endings of the stories I don’t tellBut something comes from nothing though it may take time to find itAnd even disappointment has a useful role to playFor everyone has stories of success that follows failureAs sunrise follows sunset in the turning of the dayIf every wish was granted, life would yield no surprisesIf we succeed the first time - there’s no chance to try againYour “yes” would hold no meaning if it was your only answerAnd pleasure’s that much sweeter when I’ve faced the risk of painThe stories that I write will sometimes have unhappy endingsBut the ones that I'll regret the most are those that I don't tellAnd when I wish - I know not all my wishes will be grantedBut each coin’s worth the toss … into that waiting Wishing Well