In The Rustling Flames

A new musical by Ros Schwartz

The ancient story of the Exodus, told through a new lens.


“In the rustling of the flames, repeated twice, I heard my name.”

Moses hears the voice of God speaking from the heart of a bush that burns but is not consumed. 

This miraculous encounter transforms him from a reclusive shepherd into the leader of his people.


"But the flames tore through the lies 
Burned to ashes my disguise 
I began to feel miracles flow through my hands
The seeds of strength within me bloomed: 
I was on fire but not consumed! 
Yes I will go and lead my people to the Promised Land!"


One by one, each character in the play finds strength and courage to overcome apparently insurmountable obstacles.


As Nachshon ben Aminadav says in Foot Forward, as he stands at the shore of the Red Sea:

"So don't wait by the shore for the waters to part
Find the miracle deep in your heart
Take your first step forward holding hands with your fear
And the waves will draw back and your path will appear."


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