1. Lake of Always

From the recording Singing Through the Night



By Ros Schwartz © 2010

Come and sit with me by the lake of summer
We will feast our eyes on summer's bloom
Let us celebrate by the lake of summer
Together we will weave our lives on summer's loom

Come and walk with me by the lake of autumn
We will wander through the changing trees
As we paint our lives on autumn's canvas
We'll reveal the colours hidden in the leaves

Come and dance with me by the lake of winter
We will warm our hearts in winter's chill
With the whispered hope that waits in winter's silence
Of the secret song that sings within you still

Come and sing with me by the lake of springtime
With the chorus of returning birds
They have flown so far on springtime’s gentle breezes
With our springtime song that's waiting to be heard

Come and dwell with me by the Lake of Always
Where the winds of every season blow
And the promise of the sunlight lingers
As the seeds we plant together begin to grow