Dreaming on a still

    day of meditation

        and quiet solitude


Days go by  

    one by one  

        passing through my fingers  


Spin the thread  

    weave the cloth  

        days go, one by one


Song and silence dance.

In their rhythm 
    the world
        is called into being.

The Sky of Winter

Look gently at the sky of winter  
    for its silver greyness  
        masks the blue of spring  

Seek between its shifting shadows  
    as they twist and swirl  
        before your silent eyes  

    deep within its darkness,  
        lies a miracle waiting to be born.



beautiful.  blue sky, still lake.
warm sun on my face.


the shadows grow long
seagulls keen by the shoreline
soon the sun will rest. 


i saw the first geese
fly south.  i asked them to bring
good wishes to you. 

colder days will paint
falling leaves in reds and golds ...
summer songs linger. 


a few falling leaves ...
october poems drifting
from some larger trees. 


winter in the air
the lake shivers, grey and cold
green leaves cling tightly 

water flows to sky
indistinguishable grey
clouds conceal sunset 


as the days shorten
i greet the lake at sunrise

pink glow in the east 


fine sliver of light
first new moon of the new year

what do you promise? 


softly, softly snow
flutters from gentle clouds and
settles to the earth

softly, softly, words
flutter from my fingers and

float onto paper 


maple syrup:  from
sleeping winter trees woken

by warm spring sunlight 

Hundreds of geese spell
"V" ictory over winter.
Spring honks her way home. 


snowflakes in the air
... yet the sun is warm.  my lake
begins to shatter. 

winter’s silence yields
to spring celebration and

joyous new music: 

shards of shattered ice
dance in the water.  thousands
of tiny bells chime. 


flashes of firelight
golden pathway leading west
moon burns in darkness 


three stars.  one loon.  the
silent lake so still tonight
and i am at peace.


your quiet breathing
soothes and relaxes me

as you lie across my knees
early in sleep

little movements of your 
   tiny hands and fingers
as the dreams begin

What do you dream of?
my little one
so near to your memories 
   of the womb  

What do you dream of?
as your world and mine 
   slowly become one


The Dragon's Egg


the dragon's egg is cracking.

with baby dragon's breath
this incipient dragon burns her way through the shell walls. 



soon i must learn to fly.


Liturgy Writing Challenge #1: 

Uv'tuvo m'chadeish b'chol yom tamid ma-asei v'reisheet

And in Your goodness you daily renew creation. 

      - From Yotzeir Or, in the morning liturgy.



The swirling rainbow lights lock into brilliant white
as the Zamboni hums its hourly arrival
(entrance stage right) 
gliding skillfully across the ice
tracing diminishing concentric circles  

It cascades healing water upon the scarred surface
where now-vanished skaters
chiselled messages with their blades

As the water freezes
it heals the gaps

recreating the perfectly smooth untouched crystalline expanse
as it was before the skaters
wrote their dreams upon the ice 

On this new year's eve celebration
our annual ritual of renewal
we usher in 2018
with puppets, skaters, balloons and fireworks



In the year that stretches ahead
we will walk across unbroken snow
speak into silence
sculpt unformed clay
scribe words onto unmarked paper
find rainbows hidden in white light  

Perhaps we will reveal what already exists
hidden deep within the everyday 

Perhaps we will create something perfectly new 



This, our partnership with God:  

we begin with pure unformed potential
craft our memories and lives
intermingling joy and grief

and then
each morning

a new page is turned
wounds healed
the slate wiped clean 

and we begin again. 



And in Your goodness we daily renew creation. 


V'Zot HaTorah