1. Foot Forward

From the recording Singing Through the Night



By Ros Schwartz © 2015

I put my foot forward and the water drew back x3
And we marched forth on dry land

I was younger than adult, older than child
Halfway between obedient and wild
Moses sent me up to the front of the pack
We could hear Pharaoh’s army hot on our track     

Well we walked right up to the shore of the sea
We got to cross it if we want to be free
Raised in the desert, never learned how to swim
Here's Moses' voice telling us, “Just jump right in”

We watched while Moses stretched out his arm
And he promised the water wouldn't do us any harm
But the waves gave no reply, there was no change in the sea
So my friends turned from Moses and they all looked at me

As we stood there in silence I could hear my heart beat
We couldn’t go forward and we couldn’t retreat
But as the waves leaped and beckoned, I could suddenly see
How to release the miracle that would set us all free

I stretched my toes toward in the water - and instead they touched sand
And I shifted my balance onto dry land
And as I led the way forward the path grew and grew
Til the waves split apart and we marched right through

As the last of our tribe set foot on the far shore
Our miraculous passage wasn't needed any more
As Pharaoh's army drew near, we saw the water-walls fall
Horses, riders and chariots, the sea swallowed them all

So don't wait by the shore for the waters to part …
Find the miracle deep in your heart
Take your first step forward holding hands with your fear
And the waves will draw back and your path will appear