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28 January 2018

Added new poem: Mirror


27 January 2018

Added new poem: V'Zot HaTorah


14 January 2018

Added new poem: Zamboni


20 September 2017

Added new song: Tekiah


16 August 2017

Added poetry:




The Sky of Winter

The Dragon's Egg



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Skaters on New Years EveZamboni


Writing Challenge #1:

Uv'tuvo m'chadeish b'chol yom tamid ma-asei v'reisheet

     And in Your goodness you daily renew creation.

 - From Yotzeir Or, in the morning liturgy.






How do you get 100 Canadians off a skating rink?

You blow your whistle and say: "Would everybody clear the rink please?"






The swirling rainbow lights lock into brilliant white

as the Zamboni hums its hourly arrival

(entrance stage right) 

gliding skillfully across the ice

tracing diminishing concentric circles


It cascades healing water upon the scarred surface

where now-vanished skaters

chiselled messages with their blades


As the water freezes

it heals the gaps

recreating the perfectly smooth untouched crystalline expanse

as it was before the skaters

wrote their dreams upon the ice





On this new year's eve celebration

our annual ritual of renewal

we usher in 2018

with puppets, skaters, balloons and fireworks





In the year that stretches ahead

we will walk across unbroken snow

speak into silence

sculpt unformed clay

scribe words onto unmarked paper

find rainbows hidden in white light



Perhaps we will reveal what already exists

hidden deep within the everyday


Perhaps we will create something perfectly new




This, our partnership with God:


we begin with pure unformed potential

craft our memories and lives

intermingling joy and grief


and then

each morning

a new page is turned

wounds healed

the slate wiped clean

and we begin again.



 And in Your goodness we daily renew creation.