Welcome to my virtual home!

I think of my website as an on-line art gallery, where I can share my work with you. The photos serve as doorways into different aspects of my art.

For now, each “room” is furnished with a small sampling of my work.  Over time, I plan to add more exhibits to the gallery.

The doors are open 24/7, so please come in, browse about, visit the gift shop, sign the guestbook.

If you join my email list, you will receive notices when new work has been added.


As I say in my song “HaBayit Sheli – My Home”:

You will find the door open, no need for a key
To my home and my heart in HaBayit Sheli


Photo credits:

Dreaming - Mikhail Swann

Sing With Me! - Sue Prosser

By Firelight - Guy Narbonne

C'mon, work with me here! - Martin Riess

T'kiah - Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne

Welcome! - Josh Ellis