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28 January 2018

Added new poem: Mirror


27 January 2018

Added new poem: V'Zot HaTorah


14 January 2018

Added new poem: Zamboni


20 September 2017

Added new song: Tekiah


16 August 2017

Added poetry:




The Sky of Winter

The Dragon's Egg



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Writing Challenge #2:

V'zot haTorah asher sam Moshe lifnei v'nei Yisrael al pi Adonai b'yad Moshe.

     This is the Torah that Moses set before the Israelites by the command of Adonai through Moses.

- From the Torah service, when we return the Torah to the ark. 



V'Zot HaTorah



From God's mouth to Moses' hand


     from Moses' hand to your eyes


          from your eyes to your mouth


               from your mouth to my ears




From my ears to my heart


     from my heart to my mouth


          from my mouth to God's ears


               from God's ears to God's heart




From God's heart to God's mouth


     from God's mouth to my ears


          from my ears to my soul


                v'zot haTorah