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28 January 2018

Added new poem: Mirror


27 January 2018

Added new poem: V'Zot HaTorah


14 January 2018

Added new poem: Zamboni


20 September 2017

Added new song: Tekiah


16 August 2017

Added poetry:




The Sky of Winter

The Dragon's Egg



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Mailing list

The sheet music and poetry on this website is provided on an honour system basis.

1. The standard rate for sheet music is $3.95 per digital or paper copy. For example, if you print out or email 10 copies for a choir of 10 people, the rate would be $39.50.

2. If cost is an impediment, please pay as you choose - by adjusting the number of copies you pay for - including free.

3. Contact me to discuss reprint rates for poetry.

4. If you would like to sponsor new compositions, transcriptions, or recordings (in the "kickstarter" tradition), please contact me.

5. Write for permission to use these materials in digital or print form on other websites, publications, or other means of distribution.


Thank you for your support! - Ros Schwartz