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28 January 2018

Added new poem: Mirror


27 January 2018

Added new poem: V'Zot HaTorah


14 January 2018

Added new poem: Zamboni


20 September 2017

Added new song: Tekiah


16 August 2017

Added poetry:




The Sky of Winter

The Dragon's Egg



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Ros has performed her original music for adults and children at conferences and festivals, spiritual care centres, schools, synagogues, interfaith services, fundraisers, and health care facilities.

Contact Ros to find out more about how to bring her to your community or organization.



"Tekiah: Waking My Soul From a Deep Slumber - A Journey Through the Jewish Year" - Let My People Sing, Isabella Freedman Center, Falls Village, Connecticut

"Find the Miracle Deep in Your Heart" - Limmud Toronto, Ottawa, Boston

"Singing Through the Night" - Family Medicine Forum - Toronto, Ontario

"To Work and To Love: The Spark and the Flame" - Canadian Association for Spiritual Care - Sydney, Nova Scotia

"The Healing Power of Song” - Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual And Religious Care - Jackson's Point, Ontario

"Singing to the Soul” - Jewish Studies Department, Queen's University - Kingston, Ontario

"Singing Our Mothers' Stories" - Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement - Toronto, Ontario



"A Sabbath in Song" - Beth Israel & Iyr HaMelech Congregations - Kingston, Ontario

"Service of Light & Hope" - Providence Continuing Care Centre - Kingston, Ontario



"If You Can Talk, You Can Sing: Singing for the Non-Singer" - Kingston, Ontario

"Strategies for Living" - Machson Tsvi Hersch Charitable Organization - Ottawa, Ontario

"Stepping Stones" - Maimonides Public School - Ottawa, Ontario

"Songwriting and Creative Process" - SEEDs and EMC program, Queen's University - Kingston, Ontario